Midwives On the Move (MOM) is a committed group of midwives, aspiring midwives, doulas, nurses, birth activists, consumers and volunteers working together in the US and Ghana, West Africa, to exchange midwifery skills, knowledge and ideas.  We bring educational materials, donated medical supplies and equipment.  We respect nature and the sacredness of natural birth.  We respect the humanity and dignity of the midwives, women and families we interact with. We respect culture as the context that human lives are built around. We advocate for appropriate technology and the wise use of western medicine.  We provide a meaningful exchange to improve the disparities in infant and maternal mortality and morbidity on both sides of theAtlantic.  Our 501 (c) 3 non-profit application is in process.

Midwives On the Move and The Abura Dunkwa Midwifery Training Center recognize the disparities in both infant mortality and maternal mortality in America, Africa and the Diaspora, and the difficulty aspiring NARM candidates from these communities and other communities of color experience to secure preceptors and preceptor sites.  We hereby commit to provide global, practical, hands on experience, in Africa, for midwives and midwifery students.  Though MOM’s priority is to build capacity for communities of color, this program is open to all students with cultural sensitivity and competence. We commit to impacting the educational needs, and the disparities in outcomes, in our community, by returning trained, competent, caring midwives, to provide services, educate families, prepare them for childbirth and as our graduates set up their own practices, they will provide increased preceptor opportunities for the next generation of midwives.

Each participant’s experience is enhanced by exchanging wisdom, knowledge, skills and techniques with local, notable, experienced traditional midwives and nurse-midwives.


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