We are all born to be a blessing.
Rachel Naomi Remen

We at Midwives on the Move are elated that our founder, Umm Salaamah, will be blessed with the title of Queen Mother of Health in Abura Dhunkwa the first week of April.  The people of Abura Dhunkwa recognize the dedication and love that is prominent in every interaction they have with Umm Salaamah and Midwives On the Move.  During her En-stool-ment ceremony, she will be honored with the stool that symbolizes her position. She will be carried to the event by the crowd, and honored with song and dance. She is appreciative to all those friends and loved ones who have helped make Midwives On the Move a success, and who continue to give of themselves for this cause.

Keep the momentum going and share the link to application details for our August trip to Abura Dhunkwa.

Click here to watch an enstoolment ceremony on youtube.