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Founded as a way to give African Americans, women of color, and culturally competent participants an opportunity to gain birthing experience. We are approved for students seeking NARM Midwifery certification. MOM takes midwifery students to Abura Dunkwa, Ghana to support community midwives and the government run District Hospital. In Kasoa, one of the fastest growing towns in West Africa, MOM has negotiated an agreement with the government run clinic to work with the midwives who deliver over 500 mothers a month. We believe in “being the change we want to see” to demonstrate how the birthing experience can be compassionate, safe, and inclusive.
Recently, MOM has partnered with birthing attendants in Togo, who up until now have been delivering babies only with a razor blade and some towels. These courageous women are in desperate need of supplies and training in safe medical practices.
MOM’s founder and instructor, Umm Salaamah, with her 30+ years of midwifery experience and wisdom, has dedicated all of her resources and channeled all of her passion to this cause. On March 6th she travels back to Ghana to deliver medical supplies, eye glasses, glucose testers, and many other much needed supplies. We are partnering with JusLuv Educational Foundation, a Ghana  NGO, and Birthing Project USA to train 12 women from 4 villages, as Traditional Birth Attendants, in the Komenda district, an area where they have no “trained” birth attendants and is not served by any government clinics.  A Book for Midwives has been and remains the main teaching manual from which she leads her classes and workshops. A Book for Midwives is the main resources she will leave behind in remote areas, like the Ashanti region, where during her 2 weeks stay there she can not provide the intensive ongoing training that the women need.
We are glad to announce that on April 7th, Umm Salaamah will be honored with the title of Queen Mother of Health and Development in a traditional Enstoolment Ceremony. She is enamored and humbled by this honor that is being bestowed on her, yet the responsibility of this title fuels her to push harder and solidify resources for the area. Helping MOM procure resources like a Book for Midwives is no small gesture, it will free up resources that can pay for the land surveyour that is moving forward on the plans for a new clinic on a beautiful 30 acre site in an area with little to no access to health care.