Experienced village midwives in Abura Dhunkwa Ghana

Midwives On the Move (MOM), is taking its first group of midwifery students and new midwives to Ghana West Africa for a 3-week clinical and educational program.  This first trip is limited to 4. This program will be fromOctober 1, 2011 through October 28, 2011.

Mission Statement:

Midwives On the Move and The Abura Dunkwa Midwifery Training Center recognize the disparities in both infant mortality and maternal mortality in America, Africa and the Diaspora, and the difficulty aspiring NARM candidates from these communities and other communities of color experience to secure preceptors and preceptor sites.  We hereby commit to provide global, practical, hands on experience, in Africa, for midwives and midwifery students.  Though MOM’s priority is to build capacity for communities of color, this program is open to all students with cultural sensitivity and competence. We commit to impacting the educational needs, and the disparities in outcomes, in our community, by returning trained, competent, caring midwives, to provide services, educate families, prepare them for childbirth and as our graduates set up their own practices, they will provide increased preceptor opportunities for the next generation of midwives.

Each participant’s experience is enhanced by exchanging wisdom, knowledge, skills and techniques with local, notable, experienced traditional midwives and nurse-midwives.

NARM Approved Out of Country Clinical Site

On July 15, 2011 the NARM Board has approved MOM and The Abura Dunkwa Midwifery Training Center clinical site at the Abura Dunkwa District Hospital, in Central Region, Ghana West Africa, as one of its approved out of country sites, category 2, for hospital births only.  It will be posted on the website soon.  In addition, UmmSalaamah Sondra Abdullah-Zaimah qualifies as a preceptor given her status as a CPM and CNM. This site has not yet been approved as a clinical site by MEAC for students attending MEAC-accredited schools.

Please be aware that since the majority of the primary care will be done in a hospital setting, under the current NARM PEP program requirements, only 10 hospital births can be counted in your calculations for “primary under supervision births”.

You are responsible for securing your round trip transportation to Accra, Ghana. Please schedule your flight to arrive in Ghana on 30 Sept 2011 or 1 Oct 2011 and return flight to leave Accra, 28 Oct or 29 Oct.  You are welcome to extend your stay on either side of our program but you will be responsible for all expenses that are not within these dates.

Airfare is estimated to be about $1,300.00 on KLM – Delta and South African Airlines are also possibilities.

The fee for the program is $1350, excluding air fare, to be paid in full by September 1, 2011.

For more information please contact:

UmmSalaamah Sondra Abdullah-Zaimah


Kangaroo care of 3 preterm infants in Abura Dunkwa District Hospital, Ghana